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I rented an Austin Powers Pinball machine. It stayed in the living room. I managed to complete all the objectives and beat the machine. I was extremely happy. Great mamories, good times as a teenager, when going downtown in Curitiba, I didn't fail to stop by an arcade and leave part of the bus change there.

FilterAny v1.0

FilterAny v1.0 is now free, portable, and only name and email is necessary to register! b> FilterAny can run scripts. See my own website for example. The names of the files were selectively renamed to numbers and all links were updated to new names. All information that is not important in HTML have been removed, see the source code of any page. The restricted content were automatically removed. The tags inserted by the editing tool have all been removed. And this kind of manipulation is only part of what the tool is capable of. Take a look at my script that I use to execute all these tasks in sequence at a single mouse click:


Family type weekend: Anhumas to Jaguariúna by Maria Fumaça Train.



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